Shaenon: Okay, okay, this is technically not Skin Horse news, but I’m excited about it and this is half my site.  Narbonic: The Perfect Collection, a two-volume omnibus collecting all six years of my previous webstrip, is now out!  Interested?  You can get copies at the Couscous Store and your better comic-book shops.

Channing: And it’s half my site.  Well, not quite half.  Shaenon does all the hosting work.  Really, I’m just kind of a creepy guy sleeping on her metaphorical couch, except for when I visit San Francisco, in which case I’m kind of a creepy guy sleeping on her literal couch.  Futon.  Whatever.  It’s comfy enough, is all I’m saying.

Oh yes, back to that that pesky thing called “the topic”.  The point is, no matter what percentage of the site is whose, I WHOLLY APPROVE OF SENDING YOU ALL THIS MESSAGE.  Because Narbonic is awesome, and yes, I’m excited about the omnibus too.