Shaenon: Thanks so much, Other Jeff, for giving me another chance to draw your dogs. I’m sorry if they don’t look much like your actual dogs, but this was how I drew them seven years ago and I’d hate to be off-model from previously established continuity.

Since I’m the shill in this duo, I’ll let everyone know they can subscribe to our Patreon right here, and the opportunity to submit questions to the Skin Horse Mailbag is only one of many exciting perks!

Channing: This one hits close to home inasmuch as my own dogs, from whom I drew a lot of inspiration for Sweetheart’s dog gags, are also no longer with us. I guess this is what happens when your comic runs for like eleven-plus years.

In reality, I too am a cat owner at this point in my life, though one of the cats in particular is like a tiny stupid dog, so that’s all right.