Shaenon: Steve Jackson of Steve Jackson Games was kind enough to write the introduction to Skin Horse Volume 6.  Here’s my illustration for his bio in the book.

Speaking of, the Skin Horse 6 Kickstarter is in its final week.  Don’t miss it!

Channing: As a boy nerd growing up in the ’80s and early ’90s my life was profoundly shaped by games like Car Wars and Killer. The fact that the same Steve Jackson who ushered those (and many more!) into existence is a person who’s read something I wrote is a mind-boggling honor that has not completely sunk in yet. Thanks for doing this, Mr. Jackson.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that we’ve finally got a rebloggable version of the strip up on Tumblr (many thanks to the capable and knowledgeable Josh L. for fixing yet another thing). I know I personally have been exposed to many cool things by reading people’s reblogs, so if you’ve got a Tumblr, and think we’re worth reblogging, visit and do that clicky thing you do. The universe will love you for it, or at least that part of the universe that is me.