Shaenon: You know what’s really hard to draw?  A zombie somehow dumping a pot of coffee into a water cooler.  It took me a while to figure out a way to depict that gag in, like, one panel.

Also, that thumbnail with Ira is super old and crinkly.  It’s always interesting when we end up with side-by-side strips that were written five or six years apart.  And have we really been doing Skin Horse for that long?  (A: Yes.)

Channing:  Even after five or six years, there are still some times when the precise choreography of panels eludes me.  “Unity is seen to have wrenched off the five-gallon water bottle on top of the water cooler and pours an entire pot of coffee into the bottle” makes sense in my head as a one-panel stage direction but the actual drawing of it is a much more difficult proposition.  Thanks as always to Shaenon for putting up with it all.