Shaenon: It’s good to be back.  In honor of my own return, I did a big portrait of just about the entire cast.  I may have left a few characters out–I’m kind of annoyed that I didn’t find room for Gerda from Cryonics–but this is still an awful lot of dudes.

As usual, if you make a donation in any amount to the Skin Horse Tip Jar, I will send you a link to the wallpaper. Each wallpaper a comes in two different aspect ratios (regular screen and widescreen) to fit most computer monitors, and in both Mac-friendly and PC-friendly orientations. Here’s the wallpaper page.

As a bonus, you’ll also get the first wallpaper I ever made, Party in My Toolbox:


Channing: And how wonderful it is for me to be back in my traditional color-commentator role, where it is more important that I be entertaining than knowledgeable. I am dubiously successful at both roles, but at least the former requires less research and stuff. Research is hard.

Also, you totally want this desktop. Just sayin’.