Shaenon: The great Karen Luk drew us up a steampunk-style portrait of the Skin Horse field team.  Karen’s latest book, the Steampunk ABC, is available through both her own site and the Couscous Store.  Meanwhile, we’ll be including this awesome illustration in Skin Horse Volume 4, out this summer.  Thanks, Karen!

Speaking of which, there’s one week left on the Skin Horse 4 Kickstarter drive.  Spread the word!  And thanks so much to everyone who’s pledged so far!

Channing: Awesome, Karen!  While we’re on the subject of announcements, those of you coming to see Shaenon and me at our quickly-becoming-annual appearance at Invervention this year are advised that preregistration discounts start getting chipped away on July 1.  So, if you’re definitely going, this is your chance to save a little money.  Please also note that Intervention has been bumped up the calendar from previous years, and is happening in late August.  Plan accordingly!  And keep watching the skies!