Shaenon: As you may or may not know, every six months my cartooning group, the Couscous Collective, puts out an anthology, and I always contribute either a Narbonic story or a Skin Horse story.  Here’s the cover for the upcoming new anthology, SPIRITS, drawn by new member Karen Luk.

SPIRITS will feature a Narbonic story called “Noise Complaint,” fulfilling my long-held dream to do a story about Seth the demon hunter and Caliban the demon sharing an apartment.  Also selections from my wine log.  I am excellent at reviewing wine.  I don’t want to put down the previous anthologies or anything, but this may be the most solid volume yet.

As for those previous anthologies, the first three–FOREST, SPACE, and OCEAN–are sold out, although the Collective is planning to put out an omnibus edition.  The most recent anthologies, BEARDS (with Narbonic story) and KITTIES (with Skin Horse story), are available at the Couscous Store.  SPIRITS will be up on the store soon.  I’ll keep yinz posted.

Channing:  Very much looking forward to the new Narbonic story, about which I am as in the dark as any other reader.  You may think that this whole “Skin Horse” thing puts me hells of on the inside track, but when it comes to Narbonic, I get to wait with bated breath right along with all y’all’s.

I keep reading the phrase “about which I am as in the dark as any other reader” over and over again and it just looks wrong.  This is my desperation to avoid ending a sentence in a preposition hitting new heights of strangeness.