Shaenon: A few random thumbnails. For the record, the first strip was written by Jeffrey and originally ended with a silent panel and was really touching, and then I wrote in the stuff about dog sex. I…I’m sorry.

Also, I appear to be inordinately proud of my own drunken boob jokes.

Channing: We started “Dead Dogs” / “Big Bad Wolves” with one simple dream: That we, over the course of one story arc, would have a chance to mention both “penis bones” and “coital lock”. We got the first one out of the way real fast, but the second dream languished, waiting. Until Shaenon Garrity took that dream and dared bring it to life, in the final panel of the aurora strip. God bless you, Shaenon K. Garrity.

Shaenon: I also wrote the penis bone line.