Shaenon: Here’s a little preview of “Oceanland,” written by Jeff and drawn by me, a short story that will appear in the third Couscous Collective anthology, the aptly-titled OCEAN. For the interested, the first two Couscous collections, FOREST and SPACE, are available here. OCEAN will debut at the Alternative Press Expo in October.

For this story, I had to learn how to draw sea lions, which was very mean of Jeff.

Channing: As usual, I exist to expand Shaenon’s artistic horizons. I am a one-man crash course in learning to draw a wide variety of furry animals and made-up robots. Fear my power.

I know I wrote it, so this may be a bit unseemly, but I really enjoy “Extreme Conservation!” and have a small hope that someone else finds some personal joy in it as well.