Shaenon: Random thumbnails from the current storyline. Some of these are several years old; I’ve been waiting to introduce Artie for a long time. Figuring out Niue’s design was harder.

Channing: Omigosh, you won’t believe how difficult it was not to blab about the introduction of Artie and the reveal of the functional oneness of the “Skin Horse” and “Narbonic” universes, although to be frank, most everyone presumed it anyway. Commenters on TVTropes have long listed the “Narbonic” universe as an example of a megalopolis setting, using “Skin Horse” as evidence. Memo to TVTropes: you were eventually proven right. THIS TIME.

I dig Niue’s design, but I’ve always had a thing for Cyd Charisse haircuts like the one she’s sporting.