Shaenon: I cannot thank Dave Van Domelen enough for designing a “My Little Pony” version of Unity. This is truly awesome and also horrifies Jeff. Thank you, Dave.

Channing: No, no, I’m better now. It was just a little bit of a shock. The thing is, given enough pony parts, this would actually be possible, seeing as Unity works under Washington’s Hatchet rules. I… don’t know how ponies would effect the fine manipulation required to do the stitching part, but that has never seemed to stop “My Little Pony”s in the past. One time I saw this “My Little Pony” cartoon where some pony or another was holding a camera out in front of it with both hooves to take a picture and its body was still in the horizontal non-rampant position, so its entire front half was just floating in the air while it was both holding a camera and clicking a shutter button with its hooves, and I was like, dude, there are more than two things wrong here.

Now I kinda want to see MLP’s of all the cast, if only to get a look at Moustachio’s analogue. Because for the next five minutes, a robot steampunk pony is the best thing ever.