Shaenon: Heck yeah! The Zombie Rights Campaign has named Unity its 2009 Zombie of the Year. Writes ZRC president John Sears:

Amongst our distinguished Zombie nominees, Unity has still managed to stand out this year, with heroism and valor in the service of our nation, and of the larger human community. When an unknown threat menaced the frozen North, Unity was sent along with the rest of her mixed-species squad of shadow government operatives into harm’s way. When the threat spread like a viral wildfire, it was Unity’s Zombie fists that stood between Western Democracy and total oblivion. And finally, perhaps most touchingly, it was Zombie Juices that became a panacea, curing a plague and freeing an entire town from a nightmarish existence.

Just think: this time, it was a Zombie that saved the human race from an almost unstoppable pandemic.

Thank you, John. We’re all very proud over here. And thanks very much to the ZRC’s technical director for the above illustration of Unity brandishing her award in an appropriately joyful and threatening manner.

Channing: I think it’s a wonderful step forward, a small but potent blow in the struggle to clear away anti-zombie prejudice, that we’ve managed to do the entire commentary so far without even once mentioning the word “Brains”.