Shaenon: Remember how, back during the Alaska arc, I drew this dramatization of a conversation I had with Jason Thompson about how Nick could or would be affected by the werewolf virus? Well, Jason does, and he has sent me this stunning depiction of his proposal. This, folks, is what it looks like inside Jason’s head. It is awesome in there.

As further proof, you need to read his comic King of RPGs. Volume 2 is out on May 24!

Channing: I dunno, I could see this being a Sci-Fi Channel original movie. Oh, excuse me, Sci-Fi Channel, I should have said “SyFy Channel”. I just want to let you know, SyFy Channel, that I accept your need to go through a “phase” at this point in your life. I only hope you will one day come back to us and embrace the healthy Christian lifestyle in which we tried to raise you. Until then, you are in our prayers.


That having been said, I would like to encourage all of you to come up with your own vision of machines infected with lycanthropy. A werewolf coal-powered boiler? Sure! A werewolf blender? Why not? A werewolf industrial-grade document shredder? Technically, all such devices already are werewolves, but that should not stop us from fantasizing. If you draw it, I may even say how awesome it is. This last part is, of course, contingent upon how awesome it is.