Shaenon: Last week, Beth Bever shared stills of her Were-Tip character on World of Warcraft. Today she tops herself with Moustachio the Thinkonium, created for Champions Online. Writes Beth:

I almost made Tip in Champions Online, until I remembered that someone beat me to it. I tried and failed to make Unity. Then I started thinking about how a few people have made Tip characters, there’s plenty of Unity and Sweetheart fanart, and Gavotte is just plain hard to incorporate into anything, but where’s the love for Moustachio?

So I made Moustachio the Thinkonium for Champions Online instead.

I couldn’t manage to incorporate the wavey lines (vents?) or wind-up key, and I had to add some copper details to tone down the YELLOW that resulted from trying to make brass in a game visually based on a comic book, but considering I didn’t think I could do it at all I think he turned out pretty well. Limbs are non-optional, so I guess he’s either been repaired or this world’s version of him never got caught. What kinds of powers do you think he should have?

My favorite thing about him? His eyebrows are completely detached from his face. Reminds me of early Narbonic.

He has legs and everything! Capital! Thanks again, Beth!

Channing: This was totally 100% great until the thought crossed my mind that hey, I bet Moustachio dreams of being a super-buff superhero who has legs and everything and then I got all sad, because he entirely lacks them. Still, excellent work.