From the Skin Horse brainstorming emails, a pressing question:


[Jeff’s comments in italics.]

Tip: Yes, fairly well. This is a skill he cultivates as part of the basic
seduction package, like cooking.


Unity: Enjoys thrashing violently and almost rhythmically about. Can
possibly do the “Thriller” dance.

Three-year-old “dancing” consists of a lot of stomping around while
music is playing. This is the sort of thing I immediately see on the
topic of asking her to dance. If you were an inspiring sort of dance
teacher at a performing arts academy like in “Fame,” you would urge
her to try to use some of her combat katas instead of actually trying
to “dance,” and this would be your big breakthrough moment as her

Sweetheart: Maybe, if you can convince her to, which you can’t without
getting her very drunk.

Possibly when alone.

Moustachio: Programmed to dance a perfect quadrille. Can’t actually do it
because he has no legs.

How sad.

Gavotte: That’s like asking a human whether they can talk.

Are you good at breathing?

Nick: Surprisingly enough, was quite a good dancer when human, not that he’d
do it in public. He has a gift for kinaesthetic learning. Whether he can
dance now depends on what you classify as dancing.

Again, this would be a challenge for your hypothetical performing arts
teacher looking for an inspiring and audience-friendly breakthrough.

Dr. Lee: Hopeless. Possibly unaware that she’s hopeless.

An inspiring Dr. Lee story would involve convincing her that maybe she
should sign up for a different department in your performing arts

Chris and Marcie: Can probably do dances they learned at Ren Faire. Chris
totally strikes me as a guy who would do a schottische in a utilikilt.

Also, possibly Marcie was in an amateur Shakespeare-geek student
organization while in college, wherein she may have picked up some

Tigerlily: There’s an issue of “Sandman” where an ancient fertility goddess
has been working at a strip club, and she decides to stop holding back and
really dance. All the patrons’ brains rupture and then the strip club

As she says, with terrifying groove.

Also: Julie — No. Can probably do a mean chicken-dance or Hokey
Pokey at a wedding reception but that’s the limit of her talent.

In summation: Dr. Lee will continue to be the worst dancer in “Skin Horse”
until such time as we introduce [REDACTED].

Julie is still better than Lee.