Shaenon: My good friend Dirk Tiede and I were both guests at NonCon last weekend, and you know what that means: I made Dirk draw art for me. Dirk is, of course, the premier werewolf cartoonist (that is, in the sense that he draws werewolves, not that he actually is a werewolf himself, although who am I to judge?), so this time he drew werewolf lady cops from our respective comics: Julie from Skin Horse and Kate from Paradigm Shift.

Yes, it’s kind of weird that both our comics have werewolf lady cops.

Also, a while back Jeff ordered the latest Paradigm Shift book from Dirk, something everyone should do, and check out the sketch Dirk drew in his book!

Boss! Thanks, Dirk!

Channing: In retrospect, scanning my sketch to show everybody else would have been a logical step; it simply never occurred to me to do so. I sometimes forget I can do things like this. Thanks for the total werewolf/cop face-off sketch, Dirk. I do love me some werewolves.