Shaenon: One of the many amazing and embarrassing events at Arisia last month was the Skin Horse Sing-Along, wherein Paul Estin, Nat Budin, and Ariela Zonderman led an audience in renditions of some of the many, many songs in the SH comment threads. Ariela was kind enough to post the two-part songbook here and here for your perusal. Personally, I missed the first half of the sing-along because I had to attend the con breakfast, and walked in on the Nick songs and fell over laughing. Later I helped with the tune to the “Paradox” song from The Pirates of Penzance, because I’m a Gilbert and Sullivan nerd.

Oh, and you can check out the Arisia pocket program, with my illustrations, here. Thanks so much, everyone!

Channing: It’s great to see those song-sheets at last; I was rather curious about what all went on out there. Thanks, SH Sing-Along crew! And thanks to you, Shaenon, for more lovely con-book illustrations.