Shaenon: I had a great time at Arisia in Boston last month. Thanks so much to everyone! As you can see, we even had Skin Horse cosplay! Two people I know only as Drs. Pywaket and Brain dressed as Tip and Tigerlily, with Sweetheart. There was also a Dr. Lee (with tiny Nick) in the group, but I didn’t get any photos of her. If anyone has pics, please pass them along!

Other highlights included an official sing-along of the many songs posted by Ed Gedeon and others in the SH comment threads, during which I demonstrated my mastery of the “Paradox” song from The Pirates of Penzance. Also, a very nice woman asked me to sketch Nick’s rabbi in her book, which made me inordinately happy for some reason. Thank you, Arisians!

Channing: Very commendable, you guys. Once more we see fans setting a standard by which other fan-works may be judged. I hereby encourage everyone to follow the example of these fine people for the mere fact that it amuses me greatly. And you like it when I’m amused.