Shaenon: I said I’d do it, and I did: at Arisia, I forced the redoubtable Dirk Tiede to draw us a Skin Horse pinup. As you can see, he went above and beyond the call of duty with this sketch of Tigerlily, Moustachio, and Moustachio’s little arms. Now please enjoy Dirk’s werewolf cop drama/road trip buddy story Paradigm Shift.

Speaking of which, I had an awesome time at Arisia. Thanks so much to everybody there. And if anyone has SH-related photos from the con–the cosplay, the filk sing-a-long, etc.–please please please send them my way. I didn’t get many photos because I spent the whole weekend kind of overwhelmed by the whole experience.

Channing: For the love of pete, yes, please send in some cosplay pictures! I was not lucky enough to be at Arisia with Shaenon this year, and I totally want to see people dressing up as my characters.

Dirk, I totally dig this picture. It brings me to well above my recommended daily allowance of fabulousness.