Shaenon: Prep sketches for the January SH wallpaper. This design was based on Mucha’s “Four Seasons” illustrations, but Mucha did multiple versions of the “Four Seasons” in his career, so I had different poses and costumes to choose from. When I got around to coloring it, I put a lot of effort into the shading on the drapery, which I don’t usually bother to do. The whole piece was a lot of fun to draw.

And thanks to everyone who’s donated to get the wallpaper! It will remain up through January, or until I get around to drawing a February design.

Channing: I love it when wallpapers come up in the rotation because for the most part — really, for the all part — I’m not involved in their production, which means I get to be just as surprised and delighted as any random member of the audience seeing them for the first time.