Shaenon: I drew this meeting between Tip and Kate from Dirk Tiede’s Paradigm Shift a while back. I’m posting it here now to advertise that preorders are now open for Paradigm Shift Book Three! Dirk has just a few pages left in the current chapter, and once it’s finished he’ll be collecting everything into a beautiful book. Those of you who own Skin Horse Volume 1 (available for order as always from the Couscous Store) will recall Dirk’s awesome pinup of the SH cast looking all dramatic and manga-y.

Dirk and I go way back, and, as enjoyable as the current arc of Skin Horse has been, I will always bow to his superiority in the field of gun-toting werewolf cop comics. Also, I like his little beard.

Channing: I am a huge frikkin’ fanboy for this picture, and that’s about all I have to say about that.

That’s not all I have to say about Dirk, though! Dirk Tiede is a wonder of a man, combining blistering artistic talent, a solid head for the business and self-promotional aspects of the job, and — perhaps most impressively — the uncanny ability to get large groups of people to come to a decision on a restaurant. Perusing his sizable collection of sketches was always a highlight of the Narbonicon event in Minneapolis, and it is only by skip-hopping through his contact list that I am at Geek.Kon this weekend being a super-important Webcomics Panelist instead of sitting at home watching “Fraggle Rock” (which is not so terrible a fate, but I digress.) I highly recommend Dirk Tiede. Make sure you purchase Dirk Tiede where you work or bank!