Shaenon: Here it is, even later–but even awesomer–than usual: this month’s Skin Horse wallpaper! By popular demand, I have created a design around Unity’s recent dubious exclamation when trying to convince Remy he should give her a bunch of extra arms and stuff. For no particular reason, I decided to draw it in a style reflecting my ongoing obsession with 1960s Disney illustration art. If you, too, are science (and aren’t we all?), I hope you enjoy it.

As usual, if you make a donation in any amount to the Skin Horse Tip Jar, I will send you a link to the wallpaper. This wallpaper design comes in two different aspect ratios (regular screen and widescreen) to fit most computer monitors and is both Mac- and PC-friendly. Here’s the wallpaper page.

Channing: Aw yeah. I mean, you have got to love this wallpaper. Even if you are mental and have not liked any of the other wallpapers thus far, loving this one is pretty much mandatory.