Shaenon: Well, Jeff finished his whirlwind tour of my stomping grounds here in the Bay Area. Many thanks to everyone who visited us at the Alternative Press Expo and at the awesome Skin Horse Volume 2 release party at Borderlands Books. I’ve got some pictures of the release party here. Check out the incredible Black Ops cupcakes!

At the Alternative Press Expo, we unveiled both Skin Horse 2 and FOREST, the first anthology by my comicking group, the Couscous Collective. FOREST includes “Our Friends the Trees,” a Skin Horse story written by Jeff and drawn by me, so check that out if you want to make your SH collection complete. (Also check out the amazing painted cover art by Konstantin Pogorelov, who, I cannot stress enough, is extremely agreeable about allowing me to name a hilarious cartoon Russian ex-assassin after him.) All these books are available online through the Couscous Store.

Meanwhile, I’m still sending out Kickstarter orders with bonus goodies. All orders at the Man/Woman/Thing in Black level have been sent out, unless you haven’t sent me your address, in which case I will be contacting you to nag. I’m now busy assembling, books, sketches, strips, and a production journal for the upper-tier pledgees.

Man, it’s been a busy couple of weeks. Next week, that’s when I can sleep.

Channing: Are you a “Skin Horse” completionist of the highest order? If so, you will definitely want to drop some money on the FOREST anthology, if only for our take on the events that unfold the day before “Come Swing From My Branches” opens. Also, I find Andrew Farago’s contribution to be flippin’ hilarious. All in all, it’s a good little sampler of what the Couscous people have to offer.