Shaenon: JP Chabot, creator of The Dragon Doctors, imagines the Diggings dogs as humans. JP writes, “Muffin reminds me a lot of an uncle I used to have, so I modeled him on him, sort of. Sparkle I figure totally had to be basically The Baroness; the power behind the throne, and sexy and manipulative as hell, but surprisingly genuinely in love with her man. Her hair is long on one side to hide her mangled ear. Buddy is based off of a big, friendly guy I used to know in high school.”

Personally, I envision human!Sparkle looking a lot like Julie Rome, the cop back in Paradise. Only more doggy, I guess.

JP also drew a human!Sweetheart. “Tip’s talking to one of my characters in the top right,” he explains. “I thought it was too weird a coincidence that we both have werewolf therapists to not have them meet each other.”

Thanks, JP!

Channing: Hee hee. This is really cute, JP! I’m particularly fond of Sweetheart’s Milk-Bone earrings.

Have fun doing fan-art and such with the lot of dogs, folks, because it will be a long, long time before there are this many dogs in the strip ever again. God willing and fair winds, it will also be a long, long time before we do another FRIKKIN’ TEN-MONTH STORY ARC. Just take a moment and drink in the epicness for a while.