Shaenon: It’s been a while since we shared artwork from the endlessly prolific Ed Gedeon. Ed writes: “I’ve had this idea wandering around my head ever since I did a filk using the song ‘Footloose.’ (It made me think of Unity, and how it would be appropriate for her under certain circumstances.) Then yesterday I was browsing through YouTube and saw a little clip about digital painting, so I decided to experiment with the technique a little bit.”

And a lovely digital painting it is. I especially like Tip’s outfit and his lovely boots. Thanks, Ed!

Channing: The real pressing question for me is, does it technically count as kicking off your Sunday Shoes when your foot is still in the shoe when it is so kicked? Somebody get me Kenny Loggins so we can get a consult; as the 1980s’s leading expert on Cutting Footloose, his opinion should have some weight. Either that or Kevin Bacon, but per Wikipedia I guess he’s gonna be busy playing Sebastian Shaw for the new X-Men movie or something.

Color commentary getting a bit out of hand again, I see. Let me return to today’s main topic and say, thanks, Ed! Like the style!