Shaenon: The wonderful Julie Davis, former editor of Animerica magazine, drew us this awesome pinup of Unity. This is the sort of thing people refer to as “off the hook,” right? This is off the hook. Julie’s art style here may have been a tiny bit influenced by Felipe Smith’s relentlessly cruel manga Peepo Choo, which pretty much everyone who’s ever worked in the manga industry adores. Thanks, Julie!

Channing: When it comes to identifying stuff that is or is not off the hook, no slouch I; I can thus back Shaenon up and say with some confidence that this stuff is indeed off the hook. This is so far off the hook that it’s fallen down to the floor of the closet where it gets lost in the laundry baskets you’ve put there to store socks and you can’t find it for a couple of weeks. THAT IS HOW FAR OFF THE HOOK THIS IS.