Shaenon: The most obscure piece of fan art yet: Jeffrey’s squeeze Feech has drawn Louis the Peace Lily, a character who only appears in the bonus story in Skin Horse Volume 1 (available now at the Couscous Store!), and is not identified by name. Also, I didn’t really draw him as an accurate peace lily. So, um, here he is. Louis the Peace Lily. He’s got a snazzy gun.

Channing: Actually, I think if you’ll consult your books, you will see that Louis is identified by name on the second-to-last page of the bonus story. If you do not have a book to consult, you will just have to sit there feeling awful, like certain children I will not presently name whose parents were too CHEAP to shell out for “Picture Pages” books and so had to sit there watching Bill Cosby do his thing without anything to lovingly hold whilst doing so. THANKS A LOT, MOM AND DAD.

Avoid this sad fate by purchasing the book. Have previously I mentioned you ought to buy this book? I’m quite certain I have not.

Nice work on Louis, here, Feech. That terra cotta pencil is pretty remarkable.