Shaenon: Here’s a cute Tip by Deborah Erenberg, creator of the webcomic Flux. Deborah writes, “After drawing this I found myself re-watching the Twin Peaks episode that introduced David Duchovny as transvestite DA agent Dennis/Denise. Ah, synchronicity.”

I didn’t intend him to turn out this way, but Tip is kind of a combination of David Duchovny in “Twin Peaks,” David Duchovny in “The X-Files,” and David Duchovny in “Californication.” Anyway, thanks, Deborah!

Channing: I’ve got such a vibrant “Twin Peaks” inner fanfic for D.E.A. Agent Denise Bryson going on in my head that I have a hard time seeing Tip and her being all that much alike at all, but there is something intensely hilarious about the idea of David Duchovny being cast as Tip in the hypothetical film version of “Skin Horse”. Hilarious and wrong, but hilarious nonetheless.

Anyhow, thanks to Deborah for another remarkably boss fanart sample. You people are hardcore neat. What did we ever do to deserve you guys as fans? Oh, wait, I remember, it was PUTTING OUT ALMOST TWO FRIKKIN’ YEARS OF DAILY COMICS. That is what it was.

Even so, you guys rock.