Shaenon: First, some happy news. When we put out the call for pledges to fund Skin Horse Volume 2 last week, we reached our minimum pledge goal in under 24 hours. HOLY. CRUD. Thank you all so much for your incredible support. The pledge drive is still going, so if you want to support the book and get in on all the incentives, including your name in the acknowledgments section, hop on over to Kickstarter. Thanks again so much to everybody.

As for today’s sketches… Man, I love drawing Tigerlily. Almost as much as I love drawing Dr. Lee.

Channing: There are so many great things about Tigerlily, not the least of which is her ability to give Unity funny and special feelings. She’s a blast to write. Y’all should try it someday, because fanfic is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, come think, fanfic got me where I am today. That’s right, I am the friggin’ Charles Atlas of fanfiction; bullies still kick sand in my face with the same depressing regularity but now I can write comics about it afterward SO DON’T CROSS ME, SUCKAS.

Do you ever notice that I don’t really stay on topic when I’m writing these Sunday commentaries? Why do you think that is?