Shaenon: All right! We’re getting ready to publish Skin Horse Volume 2! This volume will cover the entire Alaska arc, plus a 14-page bonus story about Sandwich Day.

We’ll be funding the project through Kickstarter, which allows individuals to help fund creative projects. We have a whole bunch of different rewards and goodies lines up for people who pledge, including signed books, original artwork, a production diary and sketchbook, and an exclusive prose story written by Jeffrey.

Interested? Check out our Kickstarter page. The book will only be funded if we reach our pledge goal by July 31.

Oh, and Volume 1 is available now through the Couscous store.

Channing: Do you like sketches, autographed books and original strip art? Do you totally want to hear embarrassing stories of how many times I tried and failed to write the Volume 2 bonus story? Do you want to see humiliating and possibly incriminating vignettes and/or e-mail excerpts from our attempts to whack the damn Alaska arc into shape? Do you, in fact, want to TOTALLY LORD IT OVER YOUR NEIGHBOR with regard to how much insider information and exclusive swag you’ve got on the topic of “Dead Dogs / Big Bad Wolves”, the storyline which I was convinced would take only a few months to tell but which now comprises the bulk of an entire Skin Horse collection?

You should already know the answer, but on the off chance you don’t, here is a hint: it’s “Yes, Shaenon and Jeffrey. Yes I do.”

Well… as it it happens, you’re in luck.