Shaenon: Skin Horse already has a logo, but the intrepid Rob Reed has been designing seals for the other departments in Annex One. Here’s the Department of Irradiation:

Operor non planto mihi iratus. Vos mos non amo mihi ut EGO sum iratus.

The Department of Jetpack Suppression (I really like the implication that jetpacks have been suppressed since the 18th century):

Look! Up in the sky! It's--it's--it's--IT'S COMING RIGHT FOR US! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

The intermittently glimpsed Bureau of Precambrian Defense:

Fighting Slime--Back in Time!

The even less-frequently-seen Federal Office of Giant Leaking Containers:

Operor Non Patefacio.

And, because the good folks in the comments section decided that the building ought to have a Department of Stapling to explain where all those staplers attacking Tip came from, here’s its insignia:

Stapling. Because we can.

These are so nifty. Thanks so much, Rob!

Channing: What more can I say? Love the dedication. It’s fan-art like this that makes me want to gratuitously work in yet other bizarre departments in the Annex One complex just so I can bait y’all into a response. Kudos, Rob.