Shaenon: The Lurch for the Cure continues! John Sears was kind enough to share this T-shirt design for The Zombie Rights Campaign. As you can see, Unity is one of the Campaign’s spokescorpses, doing her part for undead rights. Thanks, John!

Channing: The Lurch for the Cure has done many wonderful things for me, personally. I am actually wearing my nice soft ZRC T-Shirt as I type this, and it is comfy enough that I think I am going to wear it to bed. Additionally, a sturdy purple folder presented to me by John Sears one time has proven invaluable in keeping my Shadowrun quickstart rules all in one place. Lastly, even though John and I have both bought each other pizza, John has also bought me blueberry frozen yogurt, something I have not done for him, which means he is one up on me in the favor department. Thanks, John Sears Lurch for the Cure!