Shaenon: Here, Molly Alexander writes, “you can see what Unity does in her spare time. Raid the cookie jar, which Sweetheart has attempted to hide on top of the fridge. (Because evidently, a small husky-type can do that.) Unity, being Unity, has solved this age-old problem zombie-style. Her shirt, naturally, says ‘I HEART ORGAN DONORS.'”

There’s something very charming about a zombie who wants cookies. And look at all the fridge magnets! Seriously!

Meanwhile, Matt Weiner continues the tradition of Tip video-game avatars established in previous weeks.

Writes Matt, “I did an environment for the office and basement, with the rest of Team Horse (pre-Nick) and the underground critters as well. It’s in NetHack (SLASH’EM, actually, because I wanted to get the mushrooms in).” Matt points out that it’s possible to be a Dresser in NetHack: “It’s a circa 10th-level Healer, which seems like a pretty good approximation of Tip’s character anyway.”

This may be the nerdiest art we’ve gotten yet. Well done!

Channing: You guys are, like, the greatest fans ever. Molly, Matt, you two get the spotlight today — and you well deserve it — for two radically different but equally perfect and apropos takes on our little webcomic. (“Skin Horse” is, of course, square at the intersection of Nerd and Adorable.) But I just take a second to shoutout to the group… Molly, Matt, all of you. Are great. I mean, holy geez, I am so full of love this morning.

Shaenon: I’m always full of hate, so it evens out.