Shaenon: Jessie Tracer writes:

Yesterday, a disturbing throught occurred to me as I tinkered in the Champions Online MMORPG character creator. It turns out that with a little effort, careful choices of costume parts and colours, and total lack of shame, It’s possible to create a passable Tip Wilkin! See the attached screenshots for a standing and an action pose. (Sorry for the darkness of them; that’s just how the game is, they they look worse with any kind of correction. Also, the gun handles are supposed to be pearl, not the barrel, but I goofed.)

Nice outfit. Nice badass stance. Thanks, Jessie!

Channing: Awesome. Tip looks ready to beat and/or shoot the crap out of some cartoon bad guys, which — I assume — is just what is about to happen. It’s amazing what you crazy kids and your MMORPG character creators can do nowadays.