Shaenon: Ed Gedeon writes, “Remember back in February, when Rod Anderson did a watercolor of Unity wearing a sweatshirt with different types of guns? And I posted in the comments underneath that Dr. Lee should have a sweatshirt with roses, etc. etc… well, it only took me six mitten-folding months, but here ya go.”

I love it when people talk like Nick. And that people will never stop drawing Dr. Lee. Thanks, Ed!

Meanwhile, William Peirson has purchased two silverfish opera strips and displayed them in style. Check this out!

Would you like to own original Skin Horse art and make your home as classy as William’s? The Couscous Store can make that happen.

Channing: Yeah, Ed, you totally kept us waiting way past deadline on this fan art. We were all like, where the hell is Ed Gedeon with that Guns ‘n’ Roses fanart thing? I GUESS WE’LL HAVE TO RUN SKETCHES AGAIN. Thanks a frikkin’ lot, Ed.

In all seriousness, thank you. I personally feel like Lee would do some really bang-up seriously off-key karaoke if she ever let herself go that much. Sadly, at point present, all her singing is confined to those rare occasions where she is alone in the shower or something and now I have to quit that line of thought because I am at work.

Also! That framing job is just damn spiffy, William P. I really can think of few better words than “damn spiffy”, so I hope you find those satisfactory. Ah, the silverfish. Everybody loves the silverfish.