Shaenon: For Christmas, Jeff got me an out-of-print VHS of the classic anime Night on the Galactic Railroad, and I made him this new Skin Horse soundtrack. Alert readers may recall the first Skin Horse CD I made him back in May, on the occasion of his visit to San Francisco and the impending publication of Skin Horse Volume One.

By the way, did you know that, until the end of January, I’ll send you one (1) original Skin Horse strip for every copy of Volume One you purchase? It’s true.

Anyway, this soundtrack has two songs by Garbage. So did the first soundtrack. Garbage is apparently the official band of Skin Horse. I also put in a song by Jonathan Richman, whom I used to see at our local video store from time to time.

Channing: While the funnest thing about these soundtracks is, in fact, listening to them, perhaps the second-funnest thing is thinking of you all out there thinking of these songs and trying to figure out how they fit the strip, little suspecting that many refer to events that are months, or perhaps years, away.

And yes, by all means, if you haven’t yet bought a book and were planning on it, this would be an excellent time.