Shaenon: And here’s the final version of the page from the Volume 5 bonus story, with color by Pancha Diaz.  Thanks as always, Pancha!

Speaking of, the reprint of Skin Horse Volume 1 is currently on its way to me.  When it arrives, I’ll start printing Volume 5.  This is happening!

Channing:  We’re making “Skin Horse” history here, folks, with the first full-color bonus story.  Whee!

I keep forgetting Baron Mistycorn is blue.  He is misty, I suppose.  The original script designation calls him a “robotic unicorn with a tiny fluffy little soul patch” but did not mention color because WE WEREN’T IN COLOR AT THAT POINT.  He was also originally going to be bigger, which would have made this bonus story impossible.  Or at least a lot less cute.