Shaenon: Today the National Cartoonists Society is asking cartoonists to put symbols representing essential workers into their comic strips, as a thank-you to the people who have been working through the actual apocalypse to keep us alive. The symbols are:

1. Mask (for medical workers and caregivers)
2. Steering wheel (for people who move our deliveries, supplies, mail etc.)
3. Shopping cart (for grocery workers)
4. Apple (for teachers)
5. Fork (for restaurants and essential businesses that have stayed open)
6. Microscope (for medical researchers)

As a former and current Highlights subscriber (Robin is into it), I couldn’t resist drawing a Hidden Pictures puzzle. These things are hard to do! See if you can find all six objects.

And please thank Jeff, who as an essential government worker in Wisconsin has been plugging away through all of this.

Channing: Aw, thanks, Shaenon. I’m genuinely touched.

I was big into Highlights as a kid, but I have retained almost nothing of it other than those big full-page comics where they tried to name-drop a huge number of real-world readers simultaneously in the most awkward possible way.

Also, “Goofus and Gallant.” Being classed as part of the “good” half within a ridiculously pat system of moral didacticism, was, and remains, a major concern of mine.