Shaenon: Continuing the theme of drawing things my kid tells me to draw, here’s a wallpaper design with a whole lot of dandelions. I’m also trying to work more with colors I don’t usually use. So: yellow! I like to imagine the team stopping at bucolic, isolated spots around these United States to step out of the giant robot and get some fresh air, and right now that fantasy seems more pleasant than ever.

As usual, if you make a donation in any amount to the Skin Horse Tip Jar, or contribute any amount to our Patreon, we’ll give you a link to this wallpaper, designed for two computer desktop sizes and cell phones. Patreon contributors will continue to receive new wallpaper for the length of their contribution.

As a bonus, you’ll get this May wallpaper from the archives:

As long as we’re all here, let me remind you that for the duration of shelter in place recommendations, all Narbonic and Skin Horse books from the Couscous Store will arrive signed and sketched by me. Thanks, and stay safe!

Channing: Robin has excellent taste! Love the colors in this one.