Shaenon: My kid told me I should only draw cats, so I made this Florida Keys-themed wallpaper for him. As usual, if you make a donation in any amount to the Skin Horse Tip Jar, or contribute any amount to our Patreon, we’ll give you a link to this wallpaper, designed for two computer desktop sizes and cell phones. Patreon contributors will continue to receive new wallpaper for the length of their contribution.

As a bonus, you’ll get this March wallpaper from the archives, which I made for Jeff because he’s into unicorns:

And remember that, for the duration of all shelter-in-place advisories, Narbonic and Skin Horse books ordered from the Couscous Store will arrive signed and sketched by me. Thanks to everyone who’s ordered books!

Channing: Shaenon is so very generous, taking all these requests (implied or otherwise) for wallpapers from us. I’m digging the color scheme on this one. It’s very relaxing.