Shaenon: This is one of the more unusual fan art submissions we’ve gotten. One of the prose stories Jeff wrote as a bonus for Kickstarter backers is “You Are Jonah Yu,” a choose-your-own-adventure story starring Jonah and Nera.

The story originally came to readers in an electronic format with links, but reader Tiger_T printed it out and was unable to use the links, “which is why I got on my PC again, followed all the links and made a list. Of course it wasn’t a very nice looking list and after a short time that really bugged me, so then I tried constructing a flow diagram from it. Soon that got an ugly mess too, so I tried some other things.”

Eventually this led to the development of the attractive map design you see above. It reminds me of the maps that mad-genius cartoonist Jason Shiga draws when he plans out his incredible choose-your-own-adventure comics. Thank you so much, Tiger_T, for applying strong information design to our bonus story material! We’re incredibly impressed.

Channing: I was amazed and touched to receive this in-depth analysis. It makes it look like something really intricate and cerebral, instead of a story where, at one point, a microwaved piece of lasagna takes over the world using time travel.