Shaenon: Dirk Tiede’s werewolf cop drama Paradigm Shift is one of my longtime favorite webcomics, and not just because Dirk is one of the nicest guys in the world and also draws awesome fan art of my comics.

Now he’s putting out a nice two-volume omnibus edition that you can back on Kickstarter. If that sounds like a good idea, and it does, check it out here.

And thank you, Dirk, for the excellent Tip/Were-Kate art!

Channing: Longtime readers may recognize Dirk’s work in the canonical art style of Leo and H.T.’s webcomic. There’s a reason we sought him out to show that AsLAN had really upped its game; Dirk’s grasp of the craft and attention to detail are both phenomenal. As a bonus, Dirk is not a murdery tiger with an axe to grind against humanity.

I mean … you’d tell us if you were, right, Dirk?