Shaenon: I’m finally free to tell the world! I’m working on a graphic novel, Willowweep Manor, with Christopher Baldwin, creator of Spacetrawler and Little Dee and one of the few people who’s been doing webcomics longer than I have. I’m writing and Chris is drawing. From the announcement in Publishers Weekly:

Teenage Haley is obsessed with all things Gothic, but never imagined she’d experience them in real life, until the day she rescues a drowning young man and wakes up in a 19th-century estate complete with brooding gentlemen, sinister servants, and an actual ghost. But all is not as it appears, as Haley learns she has not been swept into the past, but instead into a strange universe all its own.

It’ll be out in the fall of next year. Meanwhile, here’s a page in progress, with Chris’s characters against his 3D model of the titular manor.

Channing: This was a secret to me too, but it’s immediately and predictably gone on my to-buy list.