Shaenon: The Kickstarter for Skin Horse Volumes 7 & 8 ends this Tuesday, April 30.  Here’s one of the many illustrations I’ve drawn for The Skin Horse Storybook Dossier, an ebook collection of prose stories all backers will receive.

Um, this is for one of the stories Jeff wrote.

Anyway, have a look at the Kickstarter if you haven’t already, and spread the word!  We’re close to our next stretch goal: me drawing another season of my X-Files comic Monster of the Week.

Channing: It’s probably a bad sign that I couldn’t even remember what the heck kind of story I must have written for this illustration to be on-topic at all. Then I remembered and I was like, oh, yeah, I did write a story where Unity fights some giant bats.

And then I remembered that the part about her fighting the giant bats was, like, the least weird part of that story.

Thank you all so very much for your incredible generosity and support!