Shaenon: The Kickstarter campaign for Skin Horse Volumes 7 and 8 has hit its second stretch goal! That means all backers get an ebook copy of The Skin Horse Storybook Dossier, a collection of all the SH prose stories Jeff and I have written over the years. Not only that, but I’ll be doing all-new illustrations! As you can see, I’ve already started on illustrations for Jeff’s story “Last Rites,” about the time Sweetheart’s pack of Canadian super-dogs respectfully ate their creator.

If we hit our next stretch goal, I’ll draw another season of my X-Files fan comic, Monster of the Week.

The Skin Horse campaign has just over a week left.  Have a look if you haven’t already, and please spread the word!

Channing A lot of good memories in these old stories. Thanks to everyone who helped make it possible, and thanks to absolutely all of you out there for reading the works of our hands for all these years.