Shaenon: The Kickstarter for Skin Horse Volumes 7 and 8 is chugging along toward its second stretch goal.  We’ve also added a new pledge level, Funky Challenger, which includes artwork from the bonus stories in these volumes.  Spread the word, and please enjoy this wallpaper based on the cover to Volume 7!

As always, if you make a donation in any amount to the Skin Horse Tip Jar, or contribute any amount to our Patreon, we’ll give you a link to this wallpaper, designed for two computer desktop sizes and cell phones. Patreon contributors will continue to receive new wallpaper for the length of their contribution.

As a bonus, you’ll get this second wallpaper from the archives:

Channing: I can’t believe it took us this long to call that character “Disunity”. It seems like that’s the name we should have been using all along in our behind-the-scenes shop talk, but no, we used a bunch of cumbersome hard-to-type things like “Mirror Universe Unity” and whatnot. It would have saved so many keystrokes!