Channing: Hello, lovely readers. One of the things we like to do over at our Patreon blog is compare some of my original working scripts to the final version that appears in the comic proper. As my scripts make their way into thumbnail form, jokes that don’t work so well (or, as you may notice below, are more-or-less outright repeated from elsewhere in the run of the strip) are sanded down, extraneous content is edited out, and generally the whole affair is made a lot funnier. To help you see this process in action, I’d like to show you three weeks of raw script from “Figgs and Phantoms” (corresponding roughly to weeks seven through nine) as it originally appeared before Shaenon touched it at all. Hope you enjoy! If you like this sort of thing, please consider joining our Patreon at the appropriate pledge level.

Anyway, here’s the link to that original script: Welcome to the Orchard

Hope you enjoy!


Shaenon: Over the years I’ve gotten ruthless about culling Jeff’s scripts.  Sorry, Jeff!  We probably could have spent a little more time at the imaginary walnut farm, but I was eager to move the story forward.