Channing: Hey there, fans. As you well know, recently there was kind of a big reveal in the strip which we had been planning literally since the strip started; it just took us this long to get there. Though we always knew where the story was headed, there was some ambiguity as to how the reveal would eventually drop. My original idea is that this whole shebang would take place at the end of the storyline we called “The Hundred Dresses,” and you can see my first stab at that reveal below. This was a four-week stretch of (almost) entirely cut content, so we’ll be breaking it into halves and doing the first half this Sunday and the next half next Sunday.

As a final warning, if you’re not caught up on the strip and are just reading this Sunday for the first time: major spoilers to be found in the link below!

Clicky Clicky.

Shaenon: I always feel bad about cutting or changing Jeff’s scripts, but I had a clear idea of how I wanted the Ira situation to go down.  Thanks as always to Jeff for going along with just about any ridiculous idea.