Channing: “Unsinkable” was a rather difficult storyline to bring in to port, so to speak.  At one time, the ending was going to be much different than the one you saw, involving a massive deus ex machina with Nera’s mom.  I thought it was tonally appropriate for a Narboniverse story to end on a huge plot rug-pull, but eventually we went with a more conventional ending that used some of the plot points that had been set up earlier (rather than throwing them all out for a crazy hairpin turn).  The result is a much stronger story, structure-wise; but if you’re curious about what the ending was originally going to look like, I’ve put it up for your perusal.  You may read it right here.  Some of it will look similar to the final version, but a lot of it just goes completely off the rails.  As always, hope you enjoy this glimpse into the production process!

Shaenon: One of my goals for Skin Horse is to never get around to explaining what the deal is with Nera’s mom.