Shaenon: For those of you wondering how long it’d take me to exploit my child, here’s a page from a book Robin and I made as a holiday gift, with his stories and my illustrations.  Our cat Eve is the protagonist of many of Robin’s stories.  She drives a fire engine, is friends with our friends’ cats, and regularly flies to Portland where she stays at a hotel and eats fondue.

Channing: Fictional Eve is living a charmed life.  I was going to come into this space and say how great it is that Robin has someone who will draw any crazy story he comes up with but then I realized that is basically my relationship with Shaenon as well and now I don’t know what to feel about that.

I love the BART train full of cats.  There needs to be an actual CatBART.

Shaenon: I should add that when Robin tells me these stories and I turn to the real Eve and say, “Eve, is that true?” Robin says, “Eve can’t talk, Mama!  She’s a cat!”